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Social Media for Startups.

Startups are on a really tight budget and marketing is costly. So here are few options that you can try to establish your brand and reach out to millions of potential customers without spending much.



Facebook – Best place to start

  • It is the best place where a startup can interact with its customers.
  • It has over 2.01 billion active users.
  • Various strategies can be used to market or even sell your product.
  • Paid promotion option also available

Twitter – Best place to reach out to influencers

  • It has over 328 million monthly active users.
  • Great place to reach out to influencers.
  • Really helpful for rolling out daily updates about products/services.
  • Twitter for Business helps to reach the right audience.
  • Track the trends and be a part of it.


 LinkedIn – Great for hiring talent

  • It has over 500 million active users.
  • Ah! It’s a network for professionals, so you can find the B2B leads here.
  • Good for finding the right resource for your startup.
  • Great place to show your professionalism and ethics.

Instagram – Best for a free 30-second advert.

  • It has 700 million active users and growing daily.
  • Tags make the magic happen.
  • Share your creative energy
  • Best for reaching out to the millennials



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